“…you smile more than any other person in Nebraska…”

“Your enthusiasm and ‘cheeriness’ is one of the best qualities anyone could have.”

Just a few quotes from my high school year book. Truth is that over the years I’ve gotten a reputation for laughing and for always wearing a smile. That’s not to say I don’t have my days, get upset, feel overwhelmed, have my blood boil or ever feel betrayed – I do. I’m human. A secret between you and me: I sometimes have to force a smile. I also sometimes laugh when I’m nervous, or to make awkward situations feel less awkward. Truth is: they’re still awkward.

Point being: I’ve decided to start a blog about happiness. And to create art that instills happiness in it’s viewers.

I hang out with my dog Daphne Jane, an English Setter who blinks a lot in photos, goes through more toys than my husband and I care to admit and who also reminds me to not take life so seriously. You could say she’s a source of my happiness. And she very much inspires the art I create.

Daphne Jane blinking


So here I am: on to a new adventure. I hope you visit often, I’ll be posting new projects and feel free to check out my etsy site to see projects available for purchase.

Happiness to you!
Megan (and Jane)


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