Be Mine.

Okay I’ll just come out and say it: I’m probably the 1% of the adult population that adores Valentine’s Day.

And not because I expect a dozen roses or jewelry (heck, I’ve been single more years than not and was even dumped by a college boyfriend on the holiday), but all that aside, to me Valentine’s Day is a day where you can do just a little something extra for the people you care about.

When I was a little girl, my mom drew a big red heart on my cheek to celebrate the day. And many of those (many) years when I was single, I had fun watching Casablanca and eating chocolate covered strawberries with my girlfriends. And now that I’m married, I appreciate making dinner and cracking a bottle of wine with him even more.

I’ve made Valentine’s Day cards since I was a kid. And <cough>-some years later, I’m still doing it.

Last year I was on a serious mission to de-clutter, and since I have (or should I say had) a ton of paper for scrap booking from college, I decided to start there…


I made myself a heart stencil, traced it, cut it, then organized the hearts into color combinations that looked good together. Then I counted out the petal envelopes I had and stacked my color coordinated hearts accordingly. I wrote a personal message and “Happy Valentine’s Day” on every envelope and placed the hearts inside.

It took me an evening and I enjoyed doing it. Feel free to steal this idea – I received lots of “Thanks for the adorable Valentine’s Day card!” text after sending these out. That always makes ya feel good.

Here are some other cards that I’ve made*:






*All these cards are currently available on my etsy site.


5 responses to “Be Mine.

  1. I too love Valentine’s Day! Growing up, I didn’t get that it was just for couples… I used to get presents for all my friends and my parents.

    Now I want to put hearts on everything! 😛

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