These doodle-ly things.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I love me some art. Always have. Always will.

Way back in the day I started “doodling”. On my notebook, on letters to my family… eventually it turned into an art form. I would doodle in art history class and people who sat behind me would comment how much they liked it. And I liked it too.

When I graduated from college I had my first solo art show in Lincoln, Nebraska. I spent 40+ hours doodling on a large sheet (32 x 25 inches) of chipboard, then painted a sheet of wood to act as a frame and… viola!


It’s a piece of art that hangs in our entry-way. I call it “Lullaby” because the process of creating it was soothing — much like hearing your parents sing you a lullaby before bed when you were a kid.

Because I enjoy this relaxing form of art, I’ve applied it in gold ink to some red A7 (5 x 7 inch) cards—which I’ve sold for years at an adorable flower shop in Lincoln, on my etsy shop, and to, frankly, anyone interested. I recently added some to my etsy shop—just in time for Valentine’s Day! ♥ (I got excited and took the photos before signing and dating—please note I will sign and date before shipping.)




All images are copyrighted. Please ask permission for use and give credit where credit’s due if you would like to feature any of this work. Thanks!


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