Holding a handstand.

A few months ago I shared a rather personal journey about battling my perfectionist instinct and how it relates to learning how to fall.

Recently I conquered a fear in yoga and did a handstand. Granted I held it for .05 seconds before tumbling down, but the point is I told myself I could do it, worked up some courage and did it.
Now I can focus on understanding what it feels like, work toward holding it longer and someday accept it as being part of my everyday practice.
This whole handstand analogy brought me to another connect-the-dots moment: Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we’re too damn scared to move forward.
Why was I afraid to try a handstand?
For one I’ve had shoulder injuries and didn’t really trust my joint would hold up. I didn’t want to hurt myself (again). Second, I was intimidated. Self-conscious. And a little terrified. Then I realized I’m strong, capable and… well, YOLO, right. The least I could do was try. So I did. And I did it.
Same goes for personal and professional growth. In relationships we sometimes hold back how we feel to either not hurt someone’s feelings or to protect our own. Relationships take nurturing, honesty and respect. Being honest with someone we care about (whether good or bad) can be hard, but it’s healthy. Professionally we’ll hold back because it pays well, it’s a family business or even because there’s health insurance (I was lucky to see this TEDxOmaha live – take the time to watch the video, it’s great!). Granted, there are so many reasons why we hold ourselves back β€” we need to ask ourselves why, challenge ourselves to overcome it and take action…or at least give it a try.
There are so many excuses not to pursue a passion and passions not being pursued.
I’m challenging myself to hold a handstand longer and to pursue more passions. I urge you to do the same. Namaste.

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